Dope slinger tycoon

Buy cannabis plants to grow weed. Hire dealers to sell the weed. Hire muscle to earn respect. Use respect to expand your territory or negotiate better prices.

Current cash: {{|money}} {{cashPerSecond|money}} / sec

Total earned {{gameModel.totalCashEarned|money}}

Current respect: {{gameModel.respect|respect}} {{gameModel.respectPerSecond|respect}} / sec

You have {{kingpins.length}} Kingpin{{kingpins.length > 1 ? "s" : ""}}, giving you a {{kingpins.length * 100}}% bonus to all drug and respect production






{{}} {{drug.qty|weight}}

Average street price {{drugStreetPrice(drug)|money}} per gram

{{drugMadePerSecond(drug)|weight}} / sec

{{drugSoldPerSecond(drug)|weight}} / sec

Buy {{ == 'Opium Farm' ? 'an' : 'a'}} {{}} to increase your {{}} production by {{producer.prodPerUnit * kingpinMulti()|weight}} per second




{{}} ({{dealer.drug}})

Level {{dealer.level}} - {{dealer.currentXp.toFixed(2)}}% to level {{dealer.level + 1}}

Increases all respect earned by {{100 + dealer.level * 50}}%

Give the cops 10% of {{}}'s income in order to keep them off their back. Reduces earnings, but they wont get arrested.

Total: {{dealer.cashEarned|money}}

{{dealer.cashPerSecond|money}} / sec


{{}} {{upgrade.synopsis}}


Expand your territory, allowing you to hire an additional dealer

Renegotiate prices with your suppliers. This will reduce your costs by 10%

{{}} ({{muscle.qty}})

Each {{}} earns you {{muscle.respect|respect}} respect per second

Your {{muscle.qty}} {{}}s are earning you {{muscle.respect*muscle.qty|respect}} respect per second